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Screencap courtesy of Korra Critiques.

Not sure which podcast they’re talking about, but… c’mon, man, the entire plot of LOK hinges on how Amon the Big Bad Disbender is able to disbend the benders…and you, the show creators, don’t know how he does it? Never mind the fact that there’s no explanation given as to how Amon (and Tarrlok, and Yakone) broke the rules about bloodbending only during a full moon. And how Amon somehow developed the ability to survive and/or dodge lightning and predict people’s attacks and movements before they can execute them.

…I mean, he’s a waterbender, not a psychic, Jesus Christ. In the words of Aang to Admiral Zhao: “Sloppy. Very sloppy.”

(Thank you to the Internet for the NPH gif)

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